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About Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc.

Kona Queen Hawaii was founded in 1975 on the leeward coast of the big island of Hawaii, USA. This is the largest island of the Hawaiian chain and the Kona Coast is protected by three large mountains, ranging from 8,300 feet, to nearly 14,000 feet. These mountains quiet the trade winds and provide a protective shield against larger storms. Our location on the Kona Coast of Hawaii provides perfect queen mating weather most of the year allowing us to provide quality mated queen bees to the honey bee industry.

Gus Rouse catching queens

Men working queen cell nursery yard.
Men working queen cell nursery yard.

This is an agricultural area with coffee, macadamia nuts, forests, and ranching. Our queens are raised in healthy conditions and you can expect great acceptance, low supercedure, and good longevity.

Queen mating nucleus yard, Kona
Queen mating nucleus yard, Kona.

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